FoCo Pros

As the economic development arm for Forsyth County, the Cumming-Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce is committed to supporting your business so that it prospers.  Although home to a diverse spectrum of industries and business, four industries stand out as growth opportunities to continue to push our community forward. As a result, the Chamber has created four organizations dedicated to our identified growth industries of healthcare, manufacturing, international business and human resources. 

The Healthcare Association of Forsyth County

Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing and influential industry sectors in Forsyth County. The Healthcare Association of Forsyth County serves as a collective voice for current healthcare issues affecting Forsyth County and provides a pipeline of information and resources to ensure high quality healthcare to meet the needs of those living and working here. 

The Manufacturing Society of Forsyth County

The Manufacturing Society of Forsyth County supports competitive, world-class manufacturing by providing a forum for plant managers from various industry sectors to address issues impacting their operational competitiveness. Current initiatives include:

  • Developing a strong, networked leadership base of manufacturers in our community

  • Sharing best practices and learning experiences

  • Facilitating engagement with government and other leaders

  • Providing training and information to support the manufacturing community

International Engagement Initiative

The International Engagement team is a dedicated group of professionals who provide a high level of service to international businesses new to Forsyth County. This team strives to assist new companies and their employees in the areas of real estate, banking and finance, education and community involvement. This initiative is a testament to the Chamber’s commitment to connecting Forsyth County’s business community to global opportunities and continuing to position Forsyth County as an international trade leader. 

Human Resource Council of Forsyth County

This group is focused on building better business in Forsyth County. Through training seminars and conferences, businesses are provided with opportunities to learn and grow so they can operate more efficiently and effectively.  In addition, the Chamber provides free mentoring and offers classes, seminars and special events to small business owners and entrepreneurs, so they can take their business to the next level.